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I'm a software engineer with experience building mapping applications for utility infrastructure and mesh networks enabling critical off-grid communications. I try to spend as much time as possible writing free open source software that helps people.

To fund my free software work I offer the following services with sliding scale hourly pricing.

Some services are available for free to people of color, indigenous people, queer/trans people, immigrants, and those in need.


I can provide technical support for Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices including removal of viruses, system setup, network administration, backup, and more.


I can repair smartphones, laptops, desktops, and other electronics including screen and battery replacements


I can provide affordable used computers and android phones optionally pre-configured with secure free open source privacy respecting software. Or new systems built to suit your needs. See my current stock here


I can build and design websites including shops, portfolios, blogs, and podcasts. I'm also available for full-stack development on a contract basis. Resume and examples available upon request.


I offer information security consulting for individuals or organizations concerned with privacy and surveillance.

Individuals, cooperatives, and collectives | $0 - $25 / hour
Businesses and non-profits | $25 - $100 / hour
* Barter Accepted *

You can email me at Please include your name, a short description of your need and the best way to reach you.

You can contact me securely if you use a free protonmail email account